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  We've all sat around the holiday table diligently trying to piece together our family history via grandma’s amusing stories, frayed black and white photos or silent home movies. But all too often even those fragments are forgotten and eventually a family's entire history is lost by the passing of time…

Who gave grandma her nickname? What does the family crest mean? When did our first ancestor come to America? What are Grandpa’s stories of serving in WWII? How did the family business start? What are the values, morals and lessons of your life you want to pass along to future generations?

You and your family can be the stars of their own film.  We can produce and craft a documentary from photographs, slides and film reels. We can capture audio and video from today to go with film you provide from yesterday. Your still images and invaluable videos can be preserved on a DVD.   We will interview mothers and fathers, great aunts and uncles, colleagues and friends. Timelines will weave together an oral history around family photos, films, video and memorabilia. We will add music, narration and special effects. We will film your life today, so you have something to show tomorrow.